Our Vision | Bao Linh is best quality Clothing manufacturers in vietnam


Built on a foundation of a technical achievement,we offer you the most innovative concepts of “Safety and Hygiene” as in the past and into the future.

Since we had founded the company in 2009, Bao Linh has made every effort, under the motto “Service for Safety, Health and Comfortable Environment”, to improve the safety and health of all working people at all times. We sincerely wish to contribute to creating a more pleasant and caring society.

Over the years, we have received valuable advices from many of our customers, enabling us to develop a wide variety of merchandise including safe and hygienic protection devices for industrial use, equipment to improve environment, health and medical devices, office uniforms and special clothes for industrial use. We have had the honor of helping to improve worker’s welfare in Japan and Vietnam.

Along with the structural changes occurred in the post war industrial society, requirements related to safety and hygiene have changed drastically.

To respond to these needs, Bao Linh is determined, as an industry’s pioneer to develop specialized technologies and new merchandise by manufacturing high quality products and providing great customer service and technical and sales support. Further guidance and assistance from the customers would be most grateful to us. Bao Linh is best quality Clothing manufacturers in Vietnam

Chairman of the Board
Quy Nguyen Van